What Is Duct Armor?

To most people, the inner workings of an HVAC system are a complete mystery. That can mean they are totally unfamiliar with a lot about their HVACs, from the noisy box that rattles around on their roof or alongside the house to ductwork and vents that push hot and cold air into their homes. And while you could argue that most people don’t need to know how their system really works, it’s important when it comes to knowing how to make it run most efficiently and safely. Luckily, there is Duct Armor to help!

The concept of Duct Armor is incredibly simple. Rather than relying on a web of unsealed metal ducts to bring you your cold conditioned air, seal those ducts up from the inside and make sure you aren’t leaving an opportunity for cold air to escape or for particulate matter to be pumped into your home. The rubberized liner coats your ducts from top to bottom and seals any spots that might otherwise give you trouble. It is the most reliable product for duct sealing in Weber County, UT!

Health and safety

Few people know that their heated and conditioned air travels through a web of vents that can harbor mold, dust and other particulate matter. Winter rains, humidity and other factors can lead to rust and biological buildup that gets pushed into your home. With Duct Armor, your air ducts are sealed from the inside, preventing allergens, rust, mold and mildew and other unhealthy particles from being pumped through your home. If your house was previously owned by a smoker, Duct Armor can also help in completely removing the lingering odor they left behind.

Many older homes, especially those built in the late 1960s through the 1970s, were insulated with asbestos, a fibrous material known to cause serious lung disease and other health problems. Though the material is no longer used in buildings, it is often discovered during home renovations or in attics. With Duct Armor, you can completely seal your vents from the hazards of asbestos. This rubberized technology keeps the tiny fibers from working their way into cracks in vents and into the air your family breathes.

If your ductwork is old and replacing it is not a budget-friendly option, Duct Armor might be the solution for you to extend the working life of your duct network while improving airflow and air quality. This product is a rubberized material that coats and seals ducts, fortifying rust-worn areas and keeping the particulate matter from contaminating your indoor air.

Does it sound like your home can benefit from duct sealing in Weber County, UT? Are you and your family ready to start breathing in the freshest, cleanest indoor air? Maybe Duct Armor is the duct sealing product for you! For more information about Duct Armor, or to learn more about the benefits of using this product, call the team at Fresh Ducts today. We look forward to working with you to help you enjoy fresh, clean indoor air and a more efficient system!

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