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Are All Duct Sealers in Weber County, UT the Same?

Whether you’re cooling your home during the summer or trying to heat it up in the winter, your ductwork plays an essential role in circulating air through your home. Unfortunately, ductwork is notorious for developing leaks that can cause drafts, decreased efficiency and less effective operation of your HVAC system. To mend these leaks and secure connections in ductwork, people use a variety of duct sealing products. Lots of people think that different duct sealer products are pretty much the same when it comes to effectiveness, but there are a lot of things that distinguish these various duct sealers in Weber County, UT.

Duct tape vs. mastic

There are two basic types of duct sealers—duct tape and mastic. You’ve probably seen and used duct tape before. It’s a strong, durable adhesive that has a cloth backing. It’s frequently used for all kinds of things around the home, including duct sealing. People tend to favor duct tape for sealing because of how flexible and easy to use it is. You can simply tear off as much tape as you need and adhere it to your ducts. You don’t need to deal with the messiness of liquid adhesives, and you can simply apply more tape as needed.

However, despite its convenience (and its name), duct tape doesn’t necessarily offer the best longevity when it’s used on ducts. It tends to lose its adherence relatively quickly, especially for ductwork that’s exposed to rain and extreme temperatures. Since ducts tend to vibrate quite a bit, tape may come lose pretty quickly.

Mastic is a sticky, liquid adhesive that is typically used by builders and professionals who work with ductwork. It is a gooey substance that doesn’t harden, but rather maintains a certain elasticity and flexibility as it cures. It can last several years without touch-ups, and is effective at preventing leaks. However, there are some cases when mastic isn’t a practical sealing option. Clamped flex duct joints, for example, aren’t usually a suitable application for mastic. The gooey quality of mastic makes it a challenge to apply, especially for people who aren’t used to it. If you want to use mastic, you should get help from professional duct sealers in Weber County, UT. They will be able to ensure a quality seal while avoiding a messy application.

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