What Pathogens Might Be in Your Air Ducts?

Most people don’t think about their indoor air system very much, but the reality is that they probably should. Numerous reports have discovered the harmful nature of indoor air quality and how it impacts people’s respiratory health. Having a clean and well-functioning ventilation system is critical for any home or business.

Luckily, solutions do exist to this problem. Bringing in a professional and experienced company for duct cleaning in Weber County, UT is a smart idea for both you and your family. These technicians will remove the harmful pathogens from your ducts to make your system clean and breathable. Here’s a closer look at what could be lurking in your air ducts:

  • Mold: If you saw mold in your home, you’d be alarmed, right? Well, many people ignore the presence of mold in their air duct ventilation system. Mold and mildew grow rapidly in the dark, humid and often dirty confines of air duct systems. This leads to mold spores being spread throughout the house, which can result in a variety of health problems, ranging from respiratory infection to asthma and allergies. Regular air duct cleaning can ensure the system is free of these harmful organisms.
  • Bacteria: While bacteria and viruses spread from person to person, they’re also transported via air ducts. Poor circulation along with damp and dirty ducts is ideal for letting these harmful toxins hang around. Replacing the filter regularly and keeping a clean system is recommended.
  • Dust: Mites are very common in ductwork. They feed off the organic matter in dust, and hundreds of mites could be dwelling within a single air duct system. Many people have severe allergic reactions to these mites. The best way to combat this is by keeping the ducts clean and free of debris and dust.
  • Pay attention to the signs: It’s wise to have the air ducts cleaned at least every three to five years. However, it may be necessary more often than that. A vermin infestation, a bad smell emanating from the system and signs of mold all mean that it’s time to call in a professional technician. You don’t want to risk your and your family’s respiratory health.

When it comes time to contact the professionals for duct cleaning in Weber County, UT reach out to the experts at Fresh Ducts. We have served the community for decades, making everyone’s indoor air more breathable. We’re here to help protect your home against mold, mildew and other organic growths that might be lurking deep within your ducts. The bottom line is that your system will be more efficient and better for your health.

Our friendly professionals offer a range of services that will keep you safe, including dryer vent cleaning to prevent fires. Also, Fresh Ducts is the only licensed dealer for Duct Armor in the State of Utah. We take pride in bringing this high-quality solution to homeowners seeking true duct protection. Reach out to us today to learn more about our valuable services and receive a free quote.

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