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How Do You Know if Your Air Ducts Are Damaged?

Your duct system is responsible for effectively, efficiently and consistently circulating the air that’s treated by your HVAC system throughout your home. No matter how reliable or efficient your HVAC system is, it won’t be able to deliver the performance you’re looking for unless your duct system is just as reliable and efficient. Unfortunately, lots of homeowners experience issues with their HVAC operation that’s caused by problems with their ducts. Knowing the signs of duct damage and investing in duct sealing in Weber County, UT can help you handle the problem more proactively and keep your system operating at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Why duct maintenance is important

When ductwork is first installed in a home, it is sealed with adhesives to keep all of the different parts and joints together with as little air leakage as possible. Over time, these seals naturally weaken, and you may begin to develop leaks in your ductwork. It’s also common for your ducts to accumulate dust, debris and other particles over months or years of consistent operation. Issues with your ductwork can manifest themselves in several different ways:

  • Less control over temperatures: When you adjust your thermostat to your desired temperature, you expect that your HVAC system will work without incident to reach that temperature. If the temperature in your home is inconsistent or you notice frequent temperature fluctuations between different parts of your home, it’s possible that your ducts aren’t effectively carrying air throughout your space. This issue can be remedied with professional duct sealing in Weber County, UT.
  • Noisy HVAC operation: As debris accumulates in your duct system, your HVAC system has to work harder to circulate air and push past obstructions in ducts. When your HVAC system is working harder to compensate for these air blockages, you might notice that your system is making a lot more noise than usual. This extra noise isn’t just irritating—it’s also a sign that your HVAC system is under a lot more stress and will likely wear out sooner if the issue isn’t resolved.
  • Poor air quality: If your air ducts have weak or broken seals, they may accumulate more dust and debris which, in turn, causes more dust and debris to circulate through your home. If you notice that your air quality seems to be getting worse or you have more dust accumulating on your shelves and furniture, it’s possible that your ductwork is to blame. A professional can clean and seal your ducts to clear out existing particles and dirt and prevent additional dust from accumulating.

Learn more about duct sealing in Weber County, UT

If you’re concerned that there might be a problem with your ducts, reach out to the team at Fresh Ducts. Since 1993, we have been proud to provide comprehensive air duct services, including duct cleaning and duct sealing in Weber County, UT. Our team of technicians can provide you with the services that you need to get your duct system operating at maximum efficiency. You can find out more about everything that we have to offer and get a free service quote by giving us a call today.