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How Can You Tell if There’s Mold in Your Air Ducts?

Do you suspect there’s mold growing somewhere in your home? If so, it’s important to take the necessary remediation steps as soon as possible so you can prevent it from posing a significant health risk to your family. Mold spores, especially from black mold, can cause or worsen existing respiratory conditions, so it’s important you resolve the issue as soon as possible. If it’s located in your ducts, this means working with professional duct cleaners in Weber County, UT to remove it.

Mold in ducts generally occurs if there is a combination of a stable temperature, a source of water or moisture and a source of food for that mold to thrive on. HVAC systems are generally designed to stabilize temperature in a building, so that knocks out one of the requirements right off the bat. The dust that is found in any HVAC system also serves as food for mold. This means if you have any moisture getting into your ducts, there’s a strong chance that mold will begin to grow there.

Here are just a few ways you can tell if there’s mold in your air ducts before you start calling the mold remediation specialists for an appointment:

  • Smells: The most obvious sign of mold growth in your air ducts is if you start to smell a musty smell emanating from your vents. Most people know what mold smells like, even if they don’t know it’s the smell of mold. (Think bad food in a refrigerator, old sweaty gym clothes or certain types of cheeses.) If you start to notice these smells spreading around your home, then this is a sign there’s a strong possibility you have mold invading your HVAC.
  • Visual signs: If you think there’s a chance you have mold growing in your vents or ductwork, open up one of your vents and shine a flashlight into it. If you see off-color spotting or black splotches forming anywhere in the ductwork, then you definitely have mold growing and need to call in a pro as soon as possible to resolve the issue. There are some circumstances in which the mold will actually be visible outside the vents and on the surrounding walls, floors or ceilings, but this is in rare, severe cases only and is a sign that the mold has progressed to an extremely severe problem.
  • Moisture: Have you noticed any excessive moisture or standing water anywhere in your home? Even if you don’t actually have any mold growing, you should at least take whatever steps you can to make sure you eliminate the moisture and water problem so that it doesn’t result in any structural issues in your home, or lead to future mold growth. Figure out where the water is coming from and address the problem at its source.

To learn more about how you can spot mold growth in your home and what you can do about it when you find it, contact Fresh Ducts to speak with our experienced duct cleaners in Weber County, UT.