Air Duct Sealing in Ogden, UT

Our air duct contractors at Fresh Ducts are the only licensed dealer for Duct Armor in Ogden, UT, making us your regional authority on this product, as well as the duct sealing process!

Air Duct Sealing
Air Duct Sealing

Sometimes, air duct cleaning might not be enough to protect your home from the buildup of pathogens and airborne contaminants that can occur over time. To truly maintain the integrity of your forced air delivery system, duct sealing in Weber County, UT may be necessary.

Why Seal Your Ducts?

Sealing your ducts helps add another level of protection when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your forced air. By coating your ducts with a product like Duct Armor, duct sealers in Weber County, UT helps prevent debris from clinging to your duct interiors. Duct sealing also keeps out moisture and organic matter, preventing the spread of mold, bacteria, mildew and more.

In addition to preventing future buildups, Duct Armor will also make ducts airtight, which stops dirt and other particles from blowing out of your vents, improving air quality immediately!

What is the Coating Material Made of?

Duct Armor is a proprietary, water-based acrylic material that contains zinc to inhibit organic matter growth. It’s carcinogen-free and has been rigorously tested for safety, including against fire safety standards and out-gassing. In fact, Duct Armor is so safe, it’s classified as a non-hazmat material for shipping!

Air Duct Restoration

How Long Will it Take to Coat Ducts?

Typically, the entire sealing process takes only a few hours, depending on the size of your home. Plus, you’ll be able to turn on your heat or air conditioning as soon as we’re done coating the ductwork.

Complete Air Duct Restoration

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