There are many reasons to have your home’s air ducts inspected, cleaned and sealed. Fresh Ducts takes the time to educate homeowners on all of the benefits that come with properly cleaned and maintained ducts. Check out some of the most common FAQs about duct cleaning below.

How are air ducts inspected?

Man inspecting air duct with flashlight

Air duct inspections in Weber County, UT are done via a video feed that’s fed into your vents, down into the ductwork. This enables techs to see any areas of specific concern or buildup, as well as pathways for cleaning. It can also shed light on major problems, such as pest infestations.

What kinds of contaminants are in my ducts?

Depending on your home or lifestyle, there could be any number of things lurking within your ductwork. Duct inspections in Weber County, UT can shine a light on numerous pathogens and help alert you to how they might be affecting your breathable air and quality of life. Some of the most common types of contaminants include:

  • Mold colonies and spores
  • Bacterial and fungal colonies
  • Mildew and other microbes
  • Pet dander
  • Rodent droppings
  • Dust and dirt buildups
  • Pollen and other histamines

These things all depend on the integrity of your ductwork, the type of filter your furnace uses, the last time your ducts were cleaned, the age of your home and much, much more. This is why an inspection is so important.