The Difference Between Silicone and Acrylic Duct Sealant in Weber County, UT

If you have owned your central HVAC system for any length of time, then you can probably pick out when changes in airflow or the sounds of your system occur. It could be uneven temperatures in areas throughout the house, or a general lack of consistent airflow, but the big sign most homeowners pay attention to is a higher monthly energy bill.

One reason for airflow issues is leaky ducts—cracks, gaps, tears and wear are not unusual in older ductwork. Sealing your ducts can prevent air leaks, therefore saving you money on energy bills and preventing your HVAC system from working harder than it should to cool or heat your house.

There are a few ways to seal ductwork, including using a silicone or acrylic duct sealant in Weber County, UT. Before diving into the silicone vs. acrylic sealant debate, let’s first review what they are.

Silicone sealant

Based on silicone polymers, silicone sealants cure and become a tough, flexible rubber that’s great for a variety of household and industrial applications. There are three main types of silicone sealant: acetoxy cure, alkoxy cure and oxide cure. A majority of interior applications take acetoxy cure, while the latter, neutral curing silicones are used for exterior applications because of their highly rated adhesion and weatherproofing properties. If you’re working with a surface that’s sensitive to acetic acid, choose a neutral curing silicone.

Acrylic sealant

Acrylic sealants are based on acrylic polymers. These sealants go by several other names, including decorator’s caulk, decorator’s acrylic and painter’s caulk. Even though acrylic sealants are traditionally used in interiors as an economical filler and sealant, some can be used in exteriors.

Difference between acrylic sealant and silicone sealant

It’s important to know the differences between silicone and acrylic sealants, as well as the advantages each bring to the table. With all the information in front of you, you’ll be able to compare these two sealant types to one another before deciding on the one to use for your project.

One advantage acrylic sealant has over silicone sealant is paintability. Most paints can be used on acrylic sealants, which is not the case with silicon sealants. However, if the sealant is for your ductwork, there’s no real need for paint. A downside to silicone is that it produces an unpleasant vinegar odor during curing, but there are also some odorless silicone options.

On the positive side, silicone sealants are more flexible and longer lasting than acrylic, and they do not have a volume shrinkage. Acrylic sealants have a major disadvantage in that they are water permeable. It’s advised that you not use acrylic in damp or humid places due to the risk of mold growth.

Feel free to contact the team at Fresh Ducts to learn more about acrylic and silicone duct sealant in Weber County, UT. With a proper duct sealant in place, you and your family will benefit from cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter. Call us today to get started!

Facts About Duct Seal in Weber County, UT: How Long It Lasts and Signs It’s Time to Reseal

One of the first questions most homeowners have about duct sealant is how long the application lasts before it needs to be replaced. The answer depends on the sealing material you choose, the quality of the installation and who you ask. Many duct sealant installers and manufacturers guarantee their products up to 10 years, but tests performed on various sealants conclude that a good seal can potentially last the lifetime of the ductwork. That means your seal may stay in good condition anywhere from 10 to 30 years, perhaps even 40 years in some cases. Other contributing factors include your use habits and maintenance of your HVAC system.

Are you experiencing the effects of a lack of ductwork sealant? Let us help you! Here are the telltale signs you need to invest in new duct seal in Weber County, UT.

Increased cooling and heating costs

If you’ve been living with your current HVAC system for at least a few seasons, then you probably have a pretty good idea how much your heating and cooling bills will be. Ideally, your energy bills should remain within a certain range each month (weather permitting), which is why you’re likely to notice a significant increase in cost. If your bills are rising but you are not using your heater or air conditioner more than you normally do, it could be due to air leaks in your ductwork.

Air leaks are not good. This could mean there are cracks, tears or weak seals in the ducts. The HVAC system will have to work extra hard to heat or cool your house effectively. If this is the case for you, sealing your ductwork may be the best course of action to restore system efficiency.

Poor indoor air quality

A decline in indoor air quality may go unnoticed for a time. This typically occurs due to damaged seals, leaks or cracks in your home’s ductwork allowing air pollutants to get inside your HVAC system. Once pollutants are in the air ducts, they easily mix with the air coming into your living space. The air distributes those pollutants to every room in the house, instantly lowering your indoor air quality a considerable amount. Sealed ducts will have you breathing better in no time!

Uneven temperatures throughout the house

A central HVAC system should keep temperatures consistent throughout the house. Unfortunately, time does take a toll on the condition and effectiveness of HVAC components. With this in mind, be aware that noticing hot or cold spots in different areas of your home may indicate problems with the ductwork. Having your air ducts professionally sealed can help the system evenly distribute air to all areas of your home.

Is sealing ducts in Weber County, UT necessary? While you don’t have to, it can help maintain system efficiency, protect your indoor living areas from moisture and prevent the spread of mold, mildew, bacteria and other unhealthy airborne matter. Call Fresh Ducts today to learn more. We look forward to assisting you soon!

The Benefits of Duct Sealing

Good homeowners know that maintaining their air ducts is the key to a happy, healthy and energy-efficient house. One of the best maintenance techniques we provide is duct sealing. This post will cover all of the benefits of hiring our duct sealers in Weber County, UT to work on your air ducts:

  • Ensure clean air: Mold, mildew and fungus are common contaminants in ducts around the world. These scary organisms thrive in damp, dark areas, and can pose a serious health risk for anyone with allergies. Thankfully, our Duct Armor product contains zinc, which inhibits organic matter growth. Nothing will be able to grow in your ducts after we seal them.
  • Reduce odors: As you can imagine, those contaminants growing up in your ducts tend to produce a musty and unpleasant smell. This odor wafts throughout your home, creating a rather unappealing environment for everyone in your household. The best way to ensure your home is clean and odor free is to have your ducts sealed with Duct Armor today!
  • Optimize comfort: Did you know that as much as 30 percent of the heat and AC produced by your HVAC system can be lost due to holes and gaps in your ductwork? That means rooms in your home will receive little to no airflow, creating a space that’s either too hot or too cold. Sealing your ducts keeps 100 percent of the air flowing through your home, so your comfort level should improve dramatically.
  • Save money: Going along with the point above, air flowing out through holes or gaps in your ductwork basically means you’re throwing money down the drain. Though sealing your ducts isn’t always cheap, you’ll save each month on your heating and cooling bills.

Signs your ducts should be sealed

The good news is that knowing when to hire duct sealers in Weber County, UT isn’t a guessing game. If any of the points below apply to you, it’s likely time to have your ducts sealed:

  • It’s never been done: The first sign that you need to call us is if your ducts have never been sealed. We believe duct sealing should be one of the first things homeowners do once they buy a new house.
  • You have poor air quality: Do members of your family have problems breathing, or have a constant cough? They might not be sick, but instead have allergy issues due to mold growth up in your air ducts. Sealing them will eliminate all of those contaminants, leaving you with crisp and clean air.
  • You’re losing money: As mentioned above, 20 to 30 percent of your air can slip through gaps in your ductwork, meaning it never flows through the vents in your home. This is a huge waste of money each month. You might save yourself hundreds of dollars throughout the year by having your ducts sealed today.

Summer is the perfect time of year to have your ducts sealed, so give us a call today to get a free estimate! At Fresh Ducts, our low prices and excellent customer service make us the number one duct sealers in Weber County, UT.

FAQs About Duct Sealing in Weber County, UT

Since they’re typically hidden above the ceiling, below the floor and behind the walls, many homeowners tend to forget about their air ducts. That’s not good—air ducts are vital aspects of your central heating and cooling system, which is why they should be maintained just as well as your heating and cooling units themselves.

Apart from cleaning, the most basic form of maintenance is duct sealing in Weber County, UT. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about having your ducts sealed, including who to call to perform the service!

What is duct sealing?

As the name suggests, duct sealing is the process of sealing up the ductwork in your home to ensure that no air is lost while it flows through the system. Additionally, the product we use to coat your ducts, Duct Armor, reduces the amount of organic growth in the ducts, so you’re making your home more efficient while keeping the air as clean as can be.

How much will duct sealing cost?

The total cost for duct sealing depends on the size of your home. Larger homes have a more extensive duct system, which will require more Duct Armor to coat the ducts and more man hours to complete the project, thus resulting in a higher quote. Give us a call today to get a quote and find out how much our service will cost you!

Will duct sealing save money?

Simply put, yes, duct sealing will save you tons of money on your heating and cooling bill each month. It’s estimated that as much as 30 percent of air and heat can be lost due to holes in ductwork. That means you’re basically just tossing money out the window. Duct Armor will keep all of that air in your ducts, meaning your AC and furnace will deliver air to each room in your home without losing any strength in the process.

What is the coating made of?

Duct Armor is a water-based latex material that’s carcinogen-free and has proven to be safe for adults, kids and pets. As mentioned above, the material inhibits organic matter growth like mold and mildew that are so common in air ducts. Additionally, Duct Armor is so safe that it’s classified as a non-hazmat material for shipping purposes.

Who should I hire to perform duct sealing?

Duct sealing is one of those household projects that has to be handled by a professional. Even if you’re an avid DIY-er, you still need to hire a pro to take care of it. If you want the best in the business, be sure to hire our team at Fresh Ducts! We’re the only licensed dealer of Duct Armor in the state, so you can rest easy knowing that our team can tackle the job.

If you’ve never had your ducts sealed, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to schedule duct sealing in Weber County, UT or to learn more about all of our incredible duct services.

Do You Have Dust in Your AC Ducts? Here’s How You Can Clean Them

Over time, air ducts accumulate dust from your home. This dust can build up into large accumulations that are then recirculated into your home via your air vents. Regularly cleaning your air ducts removes this dust. Dust-free air ducts produce better indoor air quality and can help your AC system run more efficiently.

Follow these easy steps for air duct cleaning in Weber County, UT.

Cover Air Supply Registers

All of those vents on the floor around your home that allow air to heat or cool your house are called air supply registers. Before you begin cleaning dust from your air ducts, you’ll want to cover these with washable cloths or disposable paper towels. This prevents the dust from inside your ductwork from flying out into your rooms while you work to clean it, and instead catches dust for easier cleaning.

Start the Fan

Running your heating and cooling fan helps bring the dust that you loosen during cleaning to the air supply registers. This makes it easy to get most of the dust out of your ducts. Turn the fan on with the heat/cool mode turned off so just the fan is running. During this process, check that your existing air filter is in place and doesn’t have any holes that might let dust into the unit’s fan.

Loosen Dust Inside Ducts

Gently tap along your ductwork with the handle of a clean toilet brush or similar cleaning brush to help knock dirt loose in the centers of your ductwork. Try to tap along any ductwork you have access to in order to get the most dirt out of your duct system.

Clean Registers

Have a vacuum running and ready to scoop up dust that has piled up underneath your air supply registers. With a vacuum in place, remove the towels and registers and vacuum up the dust as it is blown by the fan out of the duct. Push the vacuum hose as far into the duct as you can and move around to vacuum up as much dust as possible. Use your brush to remove any damp dust that has stuck to the inside of the duct and wipe down the air supply registers.

Using a screwdriver or other tool, remove the air return registers so you can vacuum and sweep them off. Air return registers are usually mounted to the wall and are likely to have more dust than the supply registers.

Clean Internal Compartments

Shut off the unit fan and turn off the power to your HVAC unit. Now you can take the front panels off of the unit to access the blower compartment and return air boot. These places are likely to have the most dust buildup. Use your vacuum to completely remove built-up dust and dirt. When you’ve cleaned all the dust from your ducts, replace your existing air filter with a brand new one to make your unit more efficient.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Weber County, UT

Cleaning your air ducts helps keep the dust down, but a professional air duct cleaning service can help remove dust and debris much better than any DIY method. Contact the duct cleaning specialists at Fresh Ducts today to learn more about what we can do for you!