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How Long Do Ducts Typically Stay Clean?

December 7, 2018

You might not give much thought to your air ducts. After all, if warmer air is pumping through them in the winter, and cooler air in the summer, you’re probably guessing that everything’s all right. But the reality is that people are breathing harmful air inside their homes every day. When particles, debris and dust get trapped in your duct system, they will make their way into your home—and into your lungs. That means it’s time to hire a professional service for air duct cleaning in Weber County, UT. An expert team of technicians can take care of all your... View Article

Is Air Duct Sealing in Weber County, UT with Duct Armor Safe for the Family?

November 22, 2018

With Duct Armor’s superior capability of completely sealing up HVAC systems, it is only natural to wonder if using this product for air duct sealing in Weber County, UT is safe for everyone in the home. It is important that any duct sealing products that are used are strong enough to keep your ducts sealed and protected, while also keeping your family safe from any potential exposure to harmful contaminants. Often used in hospitals and other health facilities with large populations, Duct Armor is one of the safest products available, and is actually playing a key role in helping to... View Article

How Duct Sealing in Weber County, UT Can Protect Against Mold

November 8, 2018

Mold spores can exist anywhere there is moisture in your home, and this includes the interior of the ducts that are a key component of your HVAC system. Older homes are especially susceptible, as the effectiveness of aged HVAC systems declines over time. Because of the aggressive nature of mold, it is important to keep it out of your home at all costs, and duct sealing in Weber County, UT is one way in which you can do just that. Read on to learn more! The danger of mold in your system The presence of mold anywhere in your home... View Article

Here’s How to Tell if You Have a Leak in Your Ductwork

October 23, 2018

Are you concerned that there may be a problem with your air duct sealing in Weber County, UT? Your home should be your comfort zone, but it can be hard to relax when you are worried that there might be a leak in your ductwork. Fortunately, these problems can always be fixed, and usually in a fairly quick and affordable manner. The first step to fixing the problem is recognizing the signs. Before looking into air duct inspections in Weber County, UT, ask yourself if you notice these telltale signs of an air duct leak in your home: Discomfort in... View Article

Duct Armor FAQs

October 9, 2018

Did you know that in a typical air duct system, 20 to 30 percent of circulated air is lost due to leaks in the vents? As a homeowner who pays good money to run and maintain a vent system, this is likely quite frustrating for you. But there is a simple solution: Duct Armor. Fresh Ducts has been sealing air ducts in Weber County, UT since 1993, and we are proud to be a licensed dealer for Duct Armor, the simple, effective duct sealant that is affordable for virtually every homeowner. Want to learn more about what Duct Armor can... View Article

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